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Our Mission

Give every customer the best prduct, Lowest price, and premiun service.
Let customers give us their ideas about how to upgrade our product. Once we accecpt your idea, Nilecc will post your product on our website and sent you a free item as a gift.
So just contact us and get your designed gift from Nilecc.

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Brand History About Nile-cc

Collection Development

Living room furniture

Livingroom Furniture

At first, we have only living room furniture, because thei is our original product, we can give product lowest price. And then we developed more products and more factory, so we sell ont only living room furniture, but aslo bedroom, bathroom 

Out door furniture

Ourdoor Furniture

In 2017, we found that the outdoor product is expensive and wasterful, so we started to find outdoor product factory and slod them on our online shop. And later successively launched some collections, like patio furniture set,
outdoor coffee.

Nilecc Bathroom

Bathroom Furniture

In 2020, we started to sell products about bathroom. First of all, we developed some products for sinks. Like Towel Storage,  Bathroom Organization and so on. And now we aredeveloped more collections and we ensure that the price is the lowest.